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Brand is the heart and soul of your company

It gives you direction, purpose, and meaning.

I help build brands that connect with customers and investors.

Brand is the heart and soul of your company

It gives you direction, purpose, and meaning.

I help build brands that connect with customers and investors.

Brand and Marketing Services for Startups

“Brand” is the sum of the experiences that stakeholders have with your company.

By treating brand holistically from the beginning, it is easier to set the tone, tell your story and market your product. Without a brand foundation, you can struggle.

Start with the basic framework.

What do you do, why do you do it and who you do it for? Brand is at the heart and soul for telling your story to customers, investors and new employees. I can help develop your Brand Foundation.

What is Your Message?

Brand-focused messaging and positioning differentiates you from the competition. I can help you create Messaging and Positioning that connects with key audiences.

Where do you tell your story?

Together we can identify the best channels, most effective mediums and strongest opportunity to tell your story over time. I can help you design an effective Go-to-Market Plan.

I offer brand and marketing services that help set your direction, tell your story and define your brand in a way that can scale and pivot with your business.

“Your Brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”
~Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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Your Brand = Your Business

Many startups think of brand and marketing as one in the same. They are not. Marketing is a driver of brand perceptions, but it is only one of many things that affect the way people think about your company.

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”
~Warren Buffett


I hired Andrew while I led marketing communications for Nortel in North America. In short, he is one of my best hires in my career. Andrew quickly learned the business and became a valuable part of the team, leading the communications for one of Nortel’s most challenging and successful campaigns that involved a head-to-head comparison for Nortel’s main competitor, which was not typical of Nortel’s culture at the time. He was deeply involved in online and offline communications as well as developing messaging for Nortel’s direct sales and extensive partner network. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic was highly valued and positioned him to take on responsibilities outside of communications including strategy development and business forecasting. I would not hesitate to hire Andrew again if given the opportunity.

Shane Johnston

Executive Vice President, Director of Client Development, Capstrat

Andrew is a very talented architect of corporate brand systems. His ability to think strategically and synthesize complex business issues while at the same time delivering a detailed brand system is outstanding.

Jens Olivarius

Chief Marketing Officer, SimCorp

Andrew is a top notch marketing communications professional with a keen eye for detail and a great work ethic. When I worked with Andrew at Nortel, he was focused on one of our vertical spaces and was my go to source for information in that space.

Andrew always produces quality work and makes sure he hits his deadlines. Working with him was great and I consider him not only a former colleague, but a great friend who I would work with again in a heartbeat.

David Durham

Marketing and Communications, Cisco

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