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Companies that have great customer focused stories win, those without, lose.

I found it very sad in several companies I worked for that there were no positive, inspiring stories about the good work the company did. This applied to both internal employee stories as well as customer stories. As a result these places generally had:

  • No employee mantras
  • No shiny, happy moments everyone could talk about
  • No points of reference that made people proud of where they worked or gave importance to their role

If the employees stories are focused on the negative – what people did that got them in trouble – (call it the “glad it wasn’t me” syndrome) then the employees will work without passion. They will do their jobs competently, even well, but there will be little opportunity for breakthrough change or true innovation. They will be completely disengaged from the company they work for.

Strategically, when you have disengaged employees, if there is an existential crisis at the company, there is little or no unity and cohesion to help you recover.

Every company has great stories, do you know what yours are?