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Nortel Networks Energy Efficiency Campaign

The Nortel Energy Efficiency Campaign (A.K.A. The Cisco Energy Tax) was a comprehensive campaign developed to support Nortel Enterprise Data Products.

It was based on the demonstrable fact that Nortel data and networking equipment used significantly less electricity than the market leader Cisco. Data centers use massive amounts of electricity to run the equipment and HVAC systems and having equipment that used almost half as much energy could mean millions of dollars in annual savings for companies. This campaign was developed to not only talk about the potential energy savings of switching to Nortel, but demonstrate it to the customers.

The primary sales tool for this campaign was the online Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator. This comprehensive tool allowed customers to input their network configuration and compare their current energy cost to what a Nortel Network would be. The calculator included local electricity rates in the United States and like-for-like model configurations.

With the calculator as our primary selling tool, the entire campaign was designed to drive customers to the web site. This included email campaigns, print and online advertising, media and PR, analysts relations, executive speaking opportunities, sales enablement and training. The key to this campaign succeeding was the early development of a comprehensive messaging framework that carried across all elements of the campaign.

The Results
This campaign was highly successful and led to the energy efficiency message becoming part of the broader Nortel Global brand messaging framework moving forward. From a sales standpoint it achieved:
– 42% growth in the Sales Funnel in the first three months
– A comprehensive re-evaluation of data equipment energy usage requirements by the United States Government
– Increased web traffic of over 300% for the Nortel Data products compared to pre-campaign levels

Campaign Materials and Reports

Nortel Networks - Energy Efficiency Campaign Message Board

This was the core messaging document for the entire campaign. It was used to develop all of the marketing properties and was constantly being updated to reflect changes in the market and new information we received from the field. It was ALWAYS in DRAFT and considered a working document.

Nortel Energy Efficiency Campaign Week 1 Results Report

This is the report that was presented to the executive team showing the results we were seeing after the first week in the field. Within the first week of its launch, this campaign was already the most successful data campaign Nortel had ever launched.

Nortel Energy Efficiency Campaign - Phase 2 Plan

The Energy Efficiency Campaign was designed to include multiple phases, each developed in response to what we learned form the previous one. Phase 2 was the expansion of the Energy Efficiency message across additional media and reinforcing the message that Nortel Data Networking products were “Up to 40% More Energy Efficient than Cisco” while at the same time being more resilient, faster and costing less.

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