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Nortel Global Services: Healthcare Solutions Campaign

Nortel Healthcare Solutions were vertical technology solutions developed specifically for use in hospital and clinical environments.

They took advantage of the existing telecommunications and data infrastructures that Nortel was already selling to hospitals, expanding on those capabilities to help deliver more effective and efficient healthcare for patients.

Prior to this campaign, Nortel had never had a marketing effort specifically aimed at hospitals and clinics, relying instead on a dedicated sales team using a more enterprise centric approach to up-sell individual systems on top of telecommunications and data networks. Hospitals, however are very different from traditional enterprise businesses and required a rethink and different approach in order to grow the business.

The Hyperconnected Hospital campaign was a highly effective vertical marketing program aimed at key decision makers within a hospital, beyond the traditional IT and IS departments. Combining outside research, clinical experts and internal knowledge, we designed the campaign to directly appeal to decision makers and care givers (specifically administration, the Head of Nursing and other clinical department heads) that are not normally part of the technology buying process.

The campaign consisted of many moving parts including collateral, web assets, online and digital advertising as well as events and sales enablement programs. The examples below demonstrate how we used collateral as a way to walk customers through the Nortel Healthcare solutions from the concept of The Hyperconnected Hospital to a family of Clinical Mobility Solutions and then to a specific product/solution.


– Increase in revenue of over 100% in the healthcare market within the first year of introduction
– Sales Funnel nearly doubled for the dedicated healthcare sales team in North America.

Campaign Collateral

Hyperconnected Hospital

Hyperconnectivity was Nortel’s version of The Internet of Things and “The Hyperconnected Hospital” was how this concept applied to hospital and clinical environments. The Hyperconnected Hospital positioned Nortel as the expert in understanding how to integrate data and telephony systems in a hospital in order to improve patient care and outcomes. It also projected the future of communications technology in a clinical environment.

Clinical Mobility Solutions

Within the Hyperconnected Hospital were Clinical Mobility Solutions that Nortel offered which used existing network infrastructure to help make hospitals and their staffs more efficient. This included overviews of multiple solutions that Nortel had developed that were specific to the healthcare vertical market.

Mobile Device Checkout

One of the biggest challenges in hospital is how nurses and other staff members can stay in contact with one another when almost all of the phones are hard wired desk sets at nurses stations. The Nortel Mobile Device Checkout solution used existing wifi infrastructure and reprogrammable IP handsets to give every nurse and critical staff member a dedicated mobile handset to use while they were on duty.

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