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Siemens Healthcare “Value Beyond Cost” Campaign

Overview: Siemens Healthcare Customer Service is responsible for selling service contracts and education services on Siemens Imaging equipment for clinical settings and hospitals.

One of the biggest issues that the business has been facing over the past few years is the emergence of third-party service vendors. These companies claim to be able to deliver an equal level of service as Siemens at a significantly lower price. The Value Beyond Cost Campaign was designed to inform customers of the consequences and true costs of going with a third-party service vendor.

There were there key components to the development of the campaign:

Insight from the field to help everyone better understand who these third-party vendors were and how their offerings compared to Siemens
A review of the key differentiators that Siemens Service already offered
Analysis of the actual costs associated with equipment down-time for hospitals and imaging centers.
The result of this was a campaign that emphasizes the value that Siemens Service delivered beyond the simple cost of the service contract. To do this we developed a comprehensive campaign that was designed to:

Inform customers of the real costs associated with down-time
Repackage and present existing Siemens Service offerings into a more simple to understand format for customers
Demonstrate the holes in third-party service offerings when compared to Siemens and show what the customer was losing by choosing a third-party

– A simple, direct campaign initially targeting customers coming up for contract renewal.
– The campaign was a low-cost, web and sales enablement driven program that had positive ROI wishing three months of launch.
– Field sales team was better equipped to handle both renewal customers and customers who had questions about Siemens Service due to the way we repackaged and presented information in this campaign.

Campaign Elements

Value Beyond Cost Customer Folder

This folder was the core customer takeaway piece which field sales used to present the campaign and its elements. It included all of the key arguments for why the customer needed to look beyond the cost of service and consider the value of what they were getting from a service provider.

Value Beyond Cost Booklet

This booklet was targeted directly at hospital management and high-level decision makers. It positioned service and uptime as critical components that must be considered as part of the imaging services business model. The focus was on how Siemens delivers value to the customer beyond simply the cost of the service contract.

Value Beyond Cost Customer Comparison Sheet

One of the key sales tools was the comparison sheets. In simple terms that highlighted the key differentiators that Siemens offered customer that could not be matched by any third-party service vendor. The intent was for the customer to review the sheet and have potential third-party service vendors fill out the right hand column as a direct comparison between their offerings and Siemens. This tool was highly effective in helping customers understand what they were losing by not choosing Siemens as their service vendor.

Sales Enablement: Competitor Flash Cards

As part of the research for this campaign we discovered that many of the sales people were having difficulty positioning Siemens against the various third-party service vendors. After conducting extensive interviews wth the sales team and select customers, we developed a set of “flash cards” that helped the field teams easily understand what kind of competitor they were up against and how to position their offerings against what Siemens had to offer. Again, the emphasis was as much on what the customer would lose by not choosing Siemens as what our offerings were.

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