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Playing Corporate Small-ball or sweating the “details” when you have no idea of the bigger picture.

  • Executives focus on “Managing” instead of “Leading” an organization
  • Tactics versus strategy and not knowing the difference
  • Managing to the [financial] numbers but not understanding customer needs
  • Talking more about what the competition is doing than about your own value drivers
  • Focusing on cost controls versus strategic investments
  • “Marketing” versus “positioning” and not understanding the difference
  • Thinking you can cut your way to growth
  • Letting processes kill positive inertia – for the sake of process
  • New products are not launched but they more or less escape
  • Giving employees a 2-day course on soft skills and then no/limited followup
  • Not focusing on the corporate “Mission”
  • Having a mission that focuses internally and not on the customer
  • Lacking cross-organizational communications channels
  • Thick Silo walls
  • Decision paralysis

I could write a book on this. I’ve seen all of these in action in one form or another multiple times in corporations.