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I am a brand builder.

I help independent and venture backed startup companies develop and define their brand foundation and marketing framework, go-to-market strategies and business objectives.

Why do startups need a brand foundation?

A solid brand foundation allows startups to better communicate their value, story and benefits to customers, investors and prospective employees. Building a strong brand foundation as early as possible is critical for long-term success.

Often the biggest struggle for a startup is knowing how to talk to customers and investors in a meaningful, relevant way. This is where a solid brand foundation makes all of the difference. It not only sets the strategic direction for the company, but provides a common frame of reference for all stakeholders to understand and engage with the business.

A solid brand foundation also gives investors with a better sense of the value a startup offers, the direction the company is going and how it plans to get there. When an investor has a clear understanding of a business, they are more likely to invest and support it. With a solid foundation in place, they are not only investing in a company, they are investing in the brand.

If you are a startup looking to scale to enterprise dimensions I invite you to meet with me and discuss your brand and marketing needs.

Together we can build a more successful company.

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